Anderson Luchtemberg Leiloeiro Oficial | Matrí­cula AARC 313

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Logomarca Golden Leilões

Quem Somos

Golden Leilões Leiloeiro Oficial com enorme experiência em Leilões Judiciais, Extrajudiciais e leilões de grande porte, como DETRAN e Leilões Industriais.

Who We are

The Company

It is with great honor that we present the Golden auctions, specializing in judicial and extrajudicial auctions. We organized official auction in presence way, virtual and simultaneously, using the most modern audio transmission system, video and data via the Internet, the latest technology available for this purpose. The purpose of the Golden auctions is to provide the most efficient and practical method of buying and selling at auction in order to provide convenience, efficiency and transparency for all parties involved in the organization and holding of a public bidding

Official Auctioneer

Luchtenberg Anderson - Auctioneer Public Official, duly qualified for the job, as AARC registration Nº. 313 the Commercial Registry of the State of Santa Catarina JUCESC. Official Auctioneer in the state of Santa Catarina with numerous services performed in Municipal, State and Federal spheres as an examples for: Municipal governments, judiciary, Brazil bank, Caixa Economica Federal, and Cresol Cooperative Bank among others.

Customer Services

Pre-Auction Explanation: The Golden auctions has a highly qualified team to take any questions the customer may have about everything involving in judicial and extrajudicial auction and its rules.

Attendance: The attendants Team Golden Auctions has extensive experience in the administrative part, as in the execution of auctions and is always ready to meet and take any questions that interested client may have to join a trading bidding in presence , on- line or simultaneously way.

Services to the contractor

Preparation, Organisation, Execution oftheauction and Shooting at Accountability.

Via Internet Auction

All information relating to goods to be auctioned (Photo, Regulation and / or Notice, List of goods, etc.); Real-time access to information and results. It also allows you to search by category, and you can even see the location of the goods from any information contained in the detailed description thereof; When the On-Line auction and Traditional modalities (simultaneously) allows bids to be offered in the virtual auditorium or via the website in real time, enabling the dispute of interested avoiding the stunts training generating a high sales rate.

Simultaneous Auction (Presence and Online)

We provide all the infrastructure to conduct simultaneous auctions (screen, powerpoint, notebooks, printers and sound), as well as highly qualified technical team to ensure that the auction elapse perfectly.

Notification and Advertising

Wide and specialized dissemination through advertising material aired in major newspapers, magazines, FM and AM radio stations, news websites, web ads, billboards. Mailing segmented registered buyers in our databaseas well as a sales department focused on search for possible interested parties, segmented according to the profile of each Auction. Our greatest commitment is summarized in using thebest efforts to find potential buyers for the auctioned goods.


Street: Acadêmico Nilo March. Nº 447 Centre. Rio do Sul/ SC. Post Code: 89160.075
Phone: 055( ) 47 3521-7730 / 055 ( ) 47 8869-8207 / 055 ( ) 47 9132 9076.

Call for further information: +55(47) 9132-9076 or +55(47) 8869-8207

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